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full wind in spinnaker sail

full wind in spinnaker sail

spinnaker sail sign


An imaging finding consisting of a superiorly displaced thymic shadow seen on a plain chest film of a neonate with a unilateral pneumomediastinum, which the coining authors likened to a fully-blown spinnaker sail (SS, top, SS; bottom, SS sign). The sign is due to

spinnaker sail sign thymic displacement image from New Medical Terms

spinnaker sail sign consisting of thymic lobe displcement in infants with pneumomediastinum

superior and lateral displacement of the lobes of the thymus. Bilateral pneumomediastinum in the neonate is termed “angel wings” sign. The SS sign contrasts with the thymic sail sign, a normal finding.

Synonym SS sign, spinnaker sign 

Reference en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sail_sign


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