mogul sign

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mogul sign

mogul sign skier image from New Medical Terms

skier on mogul field


A sharply demarcated margin–suggestive of serosal covering–i.e., extrapul-monary, which is seen in the left side of a plain AP chest film; the 3rd mogul is an abnormal protuberance located below the left mainstem bronchus and pulmonary artery corresponding to an enlarged or herniated left atrial appendage seen in rheumatic heart disease, pericardial defects, chordae tendineae or papillary muscle defects, left atrial 

(third) mogul sign image from New Medical Terms

(third) mogul sign

tumours and cardiomyo-pathy; the left ventricle may be elevated in tetralogy of Fallot, Ebstein anomaly, or in a left-sided ascending aorta in corrected transposi-tion of great vessels (top, ski moguls; bottom, radiologic mogul)  

The 1st mogul of the left border of the heart is paratracheal in location and corresponds to the aortic arch; the 2nd mogul is left of the carina, located above the left mainstem bronchus and corresponds to the main pulmonary artery; the 4th mogul corresponds to the cardiac apex and lies on the left hemidiaphragm; a mogul is a rounded mammilation of snow found on intermediate to difficult ski trails 

Synonym Third mogul sign

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