missile effect

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missile effect 

missile effect image from New Medical Terms

missile effect (yes, that IS a hospital bed)


A term referring to the ability of an MRI scanner to suck in ferromagnetic iron-based objects including fire extinguisher, gas cylinders, carts, wheelchairs, floor polishers, gurneys and yes, Virginia, even hospital beds, due to the MR scanner’s super high-strength magnets.

Theoretically all such accidents are preventable, and require prospectively identifying the ferromagnetic nature of materials before bringing them into the MRI suite. All such incidents can cause injury; there is only one official account of a projectile related fatality, but it seems likely that many accidents and/or fatalities have been underreported, given the litigious nature of patients, and the lurid nature of the event. 

Synonyms MRI missile effect, MRI projectile effect, projectile accident, projectile effect 

Reference http://mrimetaldetector.com/blog/2008/08/mri-missile-effect-accident-pictures

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