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ice cream cone sign

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ice cream cone sign


Imaging–CT A descriptive term for the normal appearance of the malleus head and the incus body on an axial high-resolution CT scan–HRCT image of the temporal bone, which has been fancifully likened to an ice cream cone. The ball (scoop) of the ice cream is formed by the head of malleus and the cone is formed by the body of the incus. Failure of this normal configuration suggests incudomalleolar dysarticulation.

The space between the cone and the scutum* is known as Prussak’s space (rightmost image).

*A sharp bony spur that is formed by the superior wall of the external auditory canal and the lateral wall of the tympanic cavity

Imaging-MRI Ice cream cone sign is also used to describe medium–1.5 to 3 cm-sized acoustic schwannomas, as seen by MRI, with the intracanalicular component representing “cone” and the cerebellopontine angle, the “ice cream”. 

References Indian J Radiol Imaging. 2009 May; 19(2): 135–145.
doi:  10.4103/0971-3026.50835

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