faceless kidney

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faceless kidney

faceless kidney image from New Medical Terms

CT with faceless kidney (at 3 o’clock)


A descriptive term referring to the obliteration of the normal renal sinus signature–which has been fancifully likened to a face and formed by the sinus structures–i.e., collecting system and ureters and fat–by an infiltrative process when seen by contrast-enhanced CT, ultrasound and other imaging modalities. Initially described in duplications of the collecting system, it is more common in neoplasms–e.g., carcinoma of the renal pelvis–e.g., transitional cell carcinoma, and nephritis. 

In the image, the normal left kidney has a face; the right has diffusely infiltrating transitional cell carcinoma and no face. 

Reference http://intl-radiographics.rsna.org/content/24/suppl_1/S247.ful

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