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cervical burnout 

cervical burnout image from New Medical Terms

dental films with cervical burnout


A popular term referring to the radiologic attenuation of a tooth at the root due to differences in photon absorption at the alveolar bone. Cervical burnout mimics caries, or a radiolucency between two radiopaque areas.

As an example, the area between the crown and that portion of the root covered by alveolar bone absorbs fewer x-ray photons than do adjoining areas. Cervical burnout is related to root configuration, shape of the cemento-enamel contour, and exposure factors–this last of which is termed peripheral burnout. 

Synonym Radiolucent edge-like artefact

Reference http://www.lsusd.lsuhsc.edu/Documents/Thunthy_book/Chapter %2005%20Dental%20Caries.pdf 

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