bubble sign

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bubble sign


Any of 3 radiologic signs related to accumulated gas in the upper GI tract in neonates secondary to atresias at different levels:

• Stomach Single bubble

• Duodenal Double bubble

• Jejunum Triple bubble

Babies’ Bubbles

Single bubble sign (BS) A gas pocket in the upper left quadrant, seen in complete gastric stenosis at or proximal to the pyloris, or in complete gastric atresia

bubble sign image from New Medical Terms

double bubble sign

Double BS Two upper abdominal gas pockets in neonates with duodenal atresia, Ladd’s bands, annular pancreas–which wraps around the duodenum, causing luminal stenosis or the ultrarare midgut volvulus; the smaller bubble (right) corresponds to the duodenum and the larger to the left, the stomach. In atresia, there is no passage of gas, i.e., intestinal gas militates against atresia

Triple BS Three upper abdominal gas pockets considered pathognomonic for jejunal atresia, where the upper right bubble corresponds to gas in the stomach, the left bubble corresponds to gas in the duodenal bulb and the lower right bubble corresponds to gas in the pre-atretic jejunum

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