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angel wings sign 

angel wings image from New Medical Terms

cherubs from Raphael’s painting of the Madonna and Child in the Sistine Chapel


(1) A descriptive term for a pattern of symmetrical perihilar “soft” radiodensities seen on a plain A-P chest film in patients with simple silicosis, due to massive fibrosis where large masses are most prominent in the upper lobes, and fancifully likened to angels’ wings.  

angel wing appearance of pulmonary oedema

angel wing appearance of pulmonary oedema

(2) A descriptive term for the radiologic appearance of pulmonary oedema involving perihilar regions, sparing the lung periphery a finding which, here too, has been fancifully likened to angels’ wings 


A descriptive term for the appearance of neonatal pneumomediastinum, as seen by a plain film of the chest which has been here again, fancifully likened to…you guessed it, angels’ wings 

Synonym Bat wings 

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