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Reasons for Living Inventory 


Definition A self-report instrument used to assess a person’s suicidal ideation and current risk of suicide completion.

The RFL measures the probability of suicide based on the theory that some factors may mitigate suicidal ideation.

The 48-item questionnaire is answered per a Likert scale from 1 to 6, and is divided into six subscales:

• Survival and coping beliefs

• Responsibility to family

• Child concerns

• Fear of suicide

• Fear of social disproval

• Moral objections.

Whilst it is both reliable and valid, its use is largely confined to research.

Sons/Daughters of RFL

• College Students Reasons for Living Inventory

• Brief Reasons for Living Inventory (uses only 12 of the RFL items).

The Inventory was developed by M Linehan et al, J Consulting & Clinical Psychology”, 1983; 51, 276-286.


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