means restriction

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means restriction 


The reduction of a suicidal person’s access to means* commonly used to commit suicide, based on the hopeful premise that fewer people would commit suicide if the means weren’t available.  

*Guns and other weapons, rope, poison, drugs, etc. Means restriction is accompanied by public health initiatives to reduce the risks of substances which have traditionally been used to commit suicide–e.g., detoxifying automobile exhaust or cooking gas, or reducing the number of pills in bottles of aspirin and acetaminophen, both of which have been used for self-dispatch. 

Unfortunately, many people who seriously plan to commit suicide, eventually do and if they’ve been deprived of less violent vehicles for self dispatch–e.g., pills, poisons, or peacefully going to sleep in a garage with the motor turned on, then they may resort to messier ways of pulling the plug that are far less dignified and more traumatic to those they leave behind.


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