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Raskin Depression Scale 


A simple, clinically oriented scale used to assess non-psychotic, non-bipolar patients with depression.

Raskin Depression Scale Pros Brief and quick

Raskin Depression Scale Cons Non-specific

Thus often paired to a more specific Scale–e.g., Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression. 

Items assessed

• Patient’s verbal report of depressive symptoms

• Depressed behaviour

• Secondary symptoms of depression (somatic complaints) 

The Scale was developed to screen hospitalised patients for inclusion in trials for treatments of depression. Its broader usefulness for identifying baseline depression and changes of depressive symptoms over time.

Each of the 3 items is rated from 1–not at all to 5–very much. a total score of 9 or more is seen in moderately depressed patients.

Reference Rating Scales in Mental Health, Martha Sajatovic, Luis F. Ramirez, JHU Press, 2012 

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