computer rage

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computer rage 

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computer rage


Definition Computer rage is generally defined as outrage or extreme anger–e.g., including use of expletives, shouting at the monitor, hitting the CPU, keyboard or mouse–triggered by frustration with a computer (or other high-tech, difficult to use electronic device), which may be linked to software issues, including the employer’s information technology–IT policies or an unresponsive IT staff.

In a study presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in Brighton (UK), J Chalton’s survey of 126 workers in enterprise found that 54% had been verbally aggressive and 40% had actually assaulted their assigned computer; most participants in the survey had  become angry at their system 3-4 times per month; 10% said it occurred more than 10 times/ month. The paper was presented on April Fool’s day 2009–but is no laughing matter

Synonyms Information technology rage, IT rage


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