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An extracellular matrix-like retinal protein encoded by EGFLAM on chromosome 5p13.2-p13.1 first described in Japan by Shigeru Sato et al. It co-localises with dystrophin and dystroglycan, and promotes matrix assembly and cell adhesiveness. It is involved in retinal photoreceptor ribbon synapse formation and visual perception, and is necessary for proper bipolar dendritic tip apposition to the photoreceptor ribbon synapse. 

Pikachurinhas been described as a “nimble” protein and was named after Pikachu, the popular mascot of the Pokémon franchise as a tribute to Pikachu’s “lightning-fast moves and shocking electric effects”

Synonyms Agrin-like protein, EGF-like—fibronectin type-III—and laminin G-like domain-containing protein 

Reference en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pikachurin

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