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sponsored symposium 


A collection of papers published as a separate issue or as a special section–e.g., as an appendix in a regular issue in a peer-reviewed medical or scientific journal.

Sponsored symposia are often underwritten by a drug company with a particular marketing agenda

Background In the US, UK, and various other countries, pharmaceutical companies had been severely limited in the types of promotional activities, materials and gifts they could legally give to physicians; $100 was the ceiling, but as of 2013, nothing (nada, nichts, rien) can be given to doctors in the USA. 

These restrictions tend to minimise conflict-of-interest drug prescribing practices, which were common when substantive gifts–e.g., vacations, were given by drug companies to high volume physician-prescribers. 

“…data suggest that industry-sponsored symposiums are promotional in nature–especially when sponsored by a single drug company and/or on a single agent and that journals often abandon the peer-review process when they publish symposiums.…Financial pressures on journals appear to contribute to increasing publication of symposia.…The acceptance of symposium publications could distort the medical literature and ultimately alter physicians’ prescribing practices

Reference NEJM 1992; 327:1135oa  

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