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Heimlich maneuver

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Heimlich maneuver


Definition The most widely used name for a maneuver used to dislodge an obstruction–usually food–of the upper airway, which consists of abrupt compression on the upper abdomen.

Henry Heimlich, MD (1920- ) is best known for popularising a method for treating upper airway obstruction. He got a Lasker prize in 1984. He is living proof that the person who manages–by sheer dumb luck–to contribute something important to the world–and even that is questionable–should shut up and stay low key. Shortly after his report in 1974, he was dismissed as chief of surgery at the Cincinnati Jewish Hospital and never worked again as a surgeon. Virtually all of his work has been called into question, especially his quack theory that  malariotherapy–the deliberate infection of a person with malaria–is effective against cancer, Lyme disease and HIV. Now 94, Heimlich continues to promote his–the Heimlich-maneuver/abdominal thrust for drowning and asthma–which flies in the face of recommendations by American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. The National Council Against Health Fraud has asked Heimlich repeatedly for details on his allegedly successful cases…and gotten bupkis. According to research by his son, a journalist, much of Heimlich’s work was fraudulent. 

Synonyms Abdominal thrust, Heimlich manoeuvre 

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