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Mogen clamp image from New Medical Terms

Mogen clamp

Mogen clamp


A surgical clamp invented by Harry Bronstein in 1954 used by rabbis, and health professionals to circumcise the penis in infants during a Bris–a traditional circumcision ceremony performed by a rabbi. The plus side of using the Mogen clamp (MC) is that it is virtually bloodless and painless, and less likely to cause infections. 

mogen clamp image from New Medical Terms

baby during MC use

*Note the author’s use of the preterite. The down side of the MC is that the glans was not visualised whilst removing the foreskin, and it could be accidentally snipped off with the foreskin. In 2007, a $7.5 million judgement in Massachusetts against Mogen for exactly that type of cockup (sic) pushed Mogen into bankruptcy



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