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tadpole cell

tadpole image from New Medical Terms



Definition A popular term for an uncommon epithelial cell seen in cytology preparations of squamous cell carcinomas–e.g., of the uterine cervix, urinary bladder, lung, etc, which is elongated and club-shaped at one end that tapers to a

tadpole cell image from New Medical Terms

bronchoalveolar lavage specimen with tadpole cell from squamous cell carcinoma

narrow elongated opposite end, and has an eccentric, rounded hyperchromatic nucleus or nuclei within often keratinised cytoplasm; similar cells may rarely be seen in multiple myeloma.

Spindled cells tapered at both ends may also be seen in squamous cell carcinomas of the uterine cervix, lungs and elsewhere. 

Reference http://www.pathologyoutlines.com/topic/bladdersquamous.html

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