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starry sky pattern 

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starry sky

adjective A descriptive term referring to an appearance or pattern by imaging or microscopy that simulates—at least to the eye(s) of the author(s) who first described the finding—stars in a dark sky.


A term referring to the appearance of

starry sky pattern image from New Medical Terms

starry sky

washings of normal duodenal epithelium when stained with Diff-Quik, where the predominant cells form the “sky” and goblet cells the “stars”


A descriptive term for a pattern seen in lymph nodes (image, left) by low-power light microscopy, consisting of multiple holes or “stars” corresponding to lymphoblasts or phagocytosing histiocytes lying in a sheet of monotonous lymphocytes or “sky”, which occurs when increased cell proliferation is accompanied by increased apoptosis and/or necrosisis. It is classically seen in Burkitt’s lymphoma, less so in other lymphomas–e.g., diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with high-grade cytologic features, granulocytic sarcoma, immunoproliferative small intestinal disease (Mediterranean lymphoma), lymphoblastic leukaemia, cutaneous angiosarcoma, and in benign conditions–e.g., idiopathic thrombocytopaenic purpura and lymphoid hyperplasia.


The starry sky pattern refers to the cytoplasm of infected epithelial cells with abundant immunostained Chlamydia trachomatis


A starry sky pattern may be seen by immunofluorescence in acute post-infectious glomerulonephritis due to the finely granular deposition of C3 and immunoglobulin in the capillary walls and glomerular mesangium. 

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