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spider cell 

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cytology preparation of metaplastic spider cell


Definition A popular term for a metaplastic squamous epithelial cell obtained by forceful scraping of the uterine cervix. . 

Reference http://santoshpath.blogspot.com/ 2010/07/spider-cell-in-pap-smear.html


Definition A popular 

spider cell image from New Medical Terms

Medium power H&E stained section of rhabdomyoma with spider cells

name for a degenerating rhabdomyocyte, which is characteristic of rhabdomyomas. Here, the nucleus is centrally placed with eosinophilic septae which stain with ubiquitin, stretching from the cell membrane to the nucleus.

Comment The ubiquitin pathway facilitates myofilament degradation, intracytoplasmic glycogen vacuolisation, and the production of spider cells. Spider cells then undergo apoptosis, myxoid degeneration, and regression of the rhabdomyoma. Mitotic activity is absent and fibrosis and calcification are infrequent. On electron microscopy, the cytoplasm of the rhabdomyoma cells are filled with nonmembrane-bound glycogen and small mitochondria. Poorly developed T tubules and fragmented sarcomeres are also present. Cellular junctions that resemble intercalated discs surround the cell periphery

Reference emedicine.medscape.com/article/1612571-overview

spider cell image from New Medical Terms

section of normal brain with scatter spider-like astrocytes


Definition A popular term for an astrocyte, a neuroglial support cell of the CNS. 


Definition A descriptive term for Kupffer cells decorated by vimentin on direct smears of fine-needle aspiration biopsies from primary and metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma. Spider cells have multiple elongated, slender cytoplasmic processes similar to dendritic cells and are found within tumour clusters


See Sugar tumour


Definition A term of art for variably-sized undifferentiated mesenchymal cell with a small central, acidophilic, stellate nucleus surrounded by vacuolated cytoplasm and connected by thin fibrous striations to the peripherally located cell membrane. Spider cells are typical of myxomas, and myxoid liposarcoma. 

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