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radial scar

radial scar image from New Medical Terms

low power H&E stained section with radial scar


Any of a group of fibrosing breast lesions that can mimic invasive carcinoma clinically, radiologically, and pathologically. The lesions are small, stellate by gross and low-power microscopy, and characterised by central fibrosis, usually with an elastotic core and varying amounts of epithelial proliferation and distortion. Microcalcifications may be seen. 

Prognosis The risk of future breast cancer is 2-fold greater in women with scars than those without. 

Synonyms Benign sclerosing ductal proliferation, complex sclerosing lesion, indurative mastopathy, infiltrating epitheliosis, nonencapsulated  sclerosing lesion, radial sclerosing lesion, scleroelastic lesion, scleroelastic scar, sclerosing adenosis with pseudoinfiltration, sclerosing ductal lesion, sclerosing papillary proliferation, stellate scar 

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