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Quilty lesion

Quilty lesion from New Medical Terms

Scanning (low) power H&E stained section with Quilty lesion


Definition A sub-endomyocardial infiltrate of lymphocytes seen in up to 30% of transplanted hearts, which consists of mostly T cells, with a CD4:CD8 ratio of 2-3:1, accompanied by B cells and plasma cells, background fibrosis and prominent vascularity.

The importance of Quilty lesions is to recognise that they are not a sign of acute rejection requiring stepped up immunosuppression.

Differential diagnosis Acute rejection

Histological variants (this subdivision was abandoned, as the two types are clinically indistinguishable)

• Quilty A Dense lymphocytic confined to the endocardium

• Quilty B Infiltrates extend or “spill-over” into the adjacent underlying myocardium and show extensive proliferation of small capillaries 

Synonyms Post-transplantation endocardial infiltrate, Quilty effect

Reference http://atagc.med.ualberta.ca/Research/Projects/HeartProgram/Pages/default.aspxtpis.upmc.edu/tpis/heart/Quilty.html

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