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mirror image biopsy 


A self-explanatory term for a biopsy of the contralateral breast when lobular carcinoma-in-situ–LCIS is found in one breast, a procedure used to exclude invasive carcinoma.

The premise behind the mirror image biopsy had been that because LCIS is associated with a ±1% annual risk of malignant degeneration, the presence of LCIS on the contralateral biopsy required closer follow-up. It has fallen out of favour because a negative mirror image biopsy doesn’t eliminate the need for ongoing surveillance of the remaining tissue in the contralateral breast. For women with additional risk factors for breast cancer–e.g., first-degree relative with breast cancer, or for those with extreme cancer anxiety, a viable option is bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. 

Reference Feig BW et al, Eds, The MD Anderson Surgical Oncology Handbook (2006) Lippincott, Williams & WIlkins

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