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linitis plastica 

linitis plastica image from New Medical Terms

Spanish leather bottle (bota) used for wine


A descriptive term of slowly waning popularity referring to the appearance of certain hollow organs, in which there is a rigidly thickened wall, a finding classically seen in signet ring cell adenocarcinoma of the stomach (image)

Imaging Upper GI series demonstrates neither ulcer nor mass but a fixed, non-distensible stomach, absent folds and narrowed lumen, likened to the Spanish leather wineskin, la

linitis plastica image from New Medical Terms

Sectioned stomach with prominent desmoplastic reaction

bota. Linitis plastica may rarely occur in other hollow epithelial cell-lined organs–e.g., colon or bladder 

Pathology Extensive desmoplastic reaction with numerous scattered signet ring cells and clusters of moderately-differentiated adenocarcinoma 

Synonyms Brinton’s disease, cirrhosis of the stomach, fibromatosis ventriculi, gastric sclerosis (in part), leather bottle stomach, sclerotic stomach, water bottle stomach 

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