glassy cell carcinoma

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glassy cell carcinoma

glass cell carcinoma image from New Medical Terms

medium power H&E stained section with glassy cell carcinoma


Definition An aggressive, poorly differentiated adenosquamous carcinoma* that comprises 1.2% of primary malignancies of the uterine cervix

*i.e., epithelial

Clinical findings Glassy cell carcinomas affect younger women than those affected by garden variety cervical carcinoma, and are often associated with pregnancy

Prognosis Poor, 5-year survival: 25% 

Micro Large, mitotically active polygonal cells with abundant, finely granular amphophilic or “glassy” cytoplasm, distinct cell borders, large nuclei with one or more prominent nucleoli

Cell of origin Subcylindric reserve cells.

Note: Endometrial GCC is very rare, histologically similar to cervical GCC, and prognostically dismal 

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