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frosted cake (assuming that English is not your native language…otherwise, Duh!)


adjective Referring to the fuzzy appearance and whitish discolouration of serosal surfaces seen by gross examination, and caused by intra-abdominal inflammation, which has been fancifully likened to cake frosting.

Frosting may correspond to the hoary term hyperplastic hyaline peri-whatever-itis–e.g., peri-splenitis,  peri-colitis, peri-hepatitis. It is a nonspecific response of the serosa to chronic inflammation–e.g., that caused by tuberculosis within the abdominal cavity. 

Note: Because many classic descriptions of “unique” inflammatory responses preceded the antibiotic era, it seems appropriate to retire en masse terms defining this body of literature.

Reference JAMA  1932; 98:1103-1104

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