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Medium power H&E stained section of female adnexal tumour of probable Wolffian origin (FATWO)


A usually benign, unilateral and asymptomatic tumour of the broad ligament, fallopian tube, mesosalpinx, ovarian hilum, and ovaries of women age 30-60, which is variously regarded as a tumour arising in Wolffian remnants or an extra-ovarian sex cord stromal tumour

Prognosis FATWOs may recur or metastasise

Macro Measures up to 20 cm in diameter, are rubbery to friable 

Micro Variable patterns: solid with spindle cells, tubular with columnar cells, retiform, and multicystic, lined by cuboidal and flattened epithelial-like mesothelial cells with prominent basement membrane, forming solid or open tubules arranged in lobules by fibrous stroma. Recurrent FATWOs may be undifferentiated

IHC CK, vimentin, inhibin-alpha, c-kit, S-100 +ve; EMA -ve

Synonyms Female adnexal tumour of probable Wolffian origin, juxtaovarian adnexal tumour, Wolffian adnexal tumour 

Reference Int J Gynecol Pathol. 2011 May;30(3):231-5 . 

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