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ependymal rosette

ependymal rosette image in New Medical Terms

High power H&E stained section of ependymal rosette


A term of art for a structure (two are found in the above image) seen by light microscopy which recapitulates a normal ependymal cavity, having small central, round to oval lumina, optional cilia, and blepharoplasts–distinct basally oriented granular corpuscles in the cytoplasm, which stains with gial fibrillary acidic protein–GFAP. Ependymal rosettes are a characteristic histopathological finding in ependymomas*. 

*Ependymomas are common–3-9% of primary CNS tumours–indolent, usually low-grade (WHO 2) ependymal cell tumours of children and young adults arising in the walls of the ventricles

Reference http://www.ajnr.org/content/27/3/488.full

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