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A protein, antibodies to which are highly specific for gastrointestinal stromal tumour–GIST, a tumour that arises in the interstitial cells of Cajal and, when used in conjunction with immunohistochemical staining for KIT/CD117, virtually confirm the diagnosis of GIST.

Note: While DOG1is the widely preferred name, the protein product is officially–per the HUGO nomenclature committee–known as anoctamin 1 and is encoded by ANO1 on chromosome 11q13.3. Because of the difference between the popular and official name for this gene and its product, a longer version of the gene’s information will be found under ANO1DOG1/ANO1 encodes a transmembrane protein which acts as a calcium-activated chloride channel and is required for normal tracheal development. 

References Histopathology 2010; 57:259–270

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