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dirty background


Definition A popular term for a nonspecific finding in Pap smears of the uterine cervix consisting of inflammation, cellular debris, and necrosis, as seen in infections with Gardnerella vaginalis or Trichomonas spp, pregnancy, post-partum, post-menopause, oral contraceptive use, and cervical cancer

Note: Dirty backgrounds are less common in cytology specimens obtained by liquid based techniques

dirty background image from New Medical Terms

dirty background of cytology preparation


Definition A term of art for the karyorrhectic debris typically associated with ulcerated and acutely inflammed mucosa, is a soft criterion that provides the pathologist with some comfort that he/she is dealing with a malignancy. The image is that of a conventional smear of a pleural fluid with a dirty background, strongly suggestive of malignancy.

Reference J Cytology 2012; 29:11-15

Image http://www.jcytol.org/viewimage.asp?img=JCytol_2012_29_1_11_93210_f2.jpg 

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