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collagenous spherulosis 

collagenous spherulosis image from New Medical Terms

low power H&E stained section of breast with collagenous spherulosis


A non-malignant breast lesion composed of intraluminal clusters of 20-100 µm acellular eosinophilic spherules–rounded aggregates of hyaline-like material produced by myoepithelial cells in benign breast and salivary gland tumours, composed of acid mucins, collagens I, III, IV, elastin. The spherules partially fill terminal ducts or acini, imparting a cribriform appearance. 

Synonyms Adenoid cystic hyperplasia, mucinous spherulosis, spherulosis 


Digital Atlas of Breast Pathology by M Singh, Department of Pathology, Stony Brook 

APLM1992; 116:649

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