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Chinese herbal nephropathy 

Chinese herbal nephropathy image from New Medical Terms

aristolochic acid


A renal disorder linked to the administration of various unapproved formulations of Chinese herbs–which contained aristolochic acid (see chemical formula)–at weight loss clinics; it was first reported in Belgium in the early 1990s

Pathology Extensive cortical tubulointerstitial fibrosis with atrophy, thickening of the interlobular and

Chinese herbal nephropathy image from New Medical Terms

H&E stained slide of kidney with Chinese herbal nephropathy

afferent arterioles due to endothelial cell swelling, urothelial cell atypia, urothelial (transitional cell) carcinoma of renal pelvis, ureter, and bladder

Synonyms Aristolochic acid nephropathy, Belgian nephropathy, Chinese herb nephropathy, Chinese herbs nephropathy, Chinese nephropathy 

Reference Med J Aust 2011; 194 (7): 367-368.

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