bizarre leiomyoma image from New Medical Terms

Low power H&E of bizarre leiomyoma

adjective Referring to a remarkably unusual activity, process or thing

HISTOPATHOLOGY Having or referring to a highly abnormal cellular appearance or histologic pattern.


Bizarre leiomyomas of uterus (benign) 


bizarre cells image New Medical Terms

bizarre cells in malignant granulosa cell tumour of ovary

Granulosa cell tumour of ovary (malignant)

Whilst bizarre lesions and cells are often malignant, they must be viewed in the context of the company they keep.


Definition Referring to behaviour that has no rational basis and reflects a disconnect with reality.


• Delusions of grandeur–e.g., thinking that one is Christ, God, Michael Jackson, etc)

• Command hallucinations–e.g., orders from a perceived external source to do something 

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