The most popular lower limb salvage scoring system, which is used to help clinicians decide whether to try and save a leg or perform early amputation, based on the assessment of vascular and orthopaedic injuries.

Vascular injury was never clearly defined in the MESS scoring system; MESS allows evaluation of patients with normal perfusion. It assesses 4 characteristics related to injury: Injury severity (energy transfer); ischaemia; shock; age. Johansen et al (1990) concluded that a MESSscore of 7 or more was 100% predictive of the need to amputate. While the it might be useful in predicting the limbs that should not undergo amputation, its low sensitivity suggests that a large proportion of limbs eventually requiring amputation are at risk for a delay in amputation, resulting in increased complications.

Abbreviation for/synonyms Mangled Extremity Severity Score, trauma limb-salvage index for lower-extremity trauma


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