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leg length discrepancy 

leg length discrepancy schematic image from New Medical Terms

schematic of leg length discrepancy


A condition caused by an anatomic–true leg length discrepancy (LLD), or functional inequality of leg length–false LLD, resulting in mechanical disturbances of gait and posture when the difference is > 3 cm

leg length discrepancy image from New Medical Terms

leg length discrepancy

Clinical findings Back and knee pain due to compensatory pelvic tilt, lumbar scoliosis, backache and rheumatologic symptoms; the longer leg is held in flexion with excess lateral strain, causing premature degenerative changes and valgus deformity due to a collapse of the lateral compartment. It may affect the heart rate, muscle activity and O2 consumption.

Aetiology Various congenital and acquired musculoskeletal disorders as well as joint contractures

Compensation strategies Steppage, circumduction, vaulting, hip hiking 

Synonyms Anisomelia, leg length discrepancy, leg length inequality, limb length discrepancy, limb length inequality, long leg syndrome, long-short leg syndrome, short leg syndrome, short-long leg syndrome 

Reference rothmaninstitute.com/patienteducation/joint/hip/length.htm

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