Guyon canal syndrome

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Guyon canal syndrome

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schematic of structures affected by Guyon canal syndrome


Definition A condition caused by compression of the ulnar nerve within the Guyon canal as the nerve passes into the wrist, which is particularly common in bicyclists, from whence the synonym, handlebar palsy.

Clinical findings Paraesthesias of little finger and medial half of ring finger and loss of motor activity of muscles innervated by ulnar nerve.

Diagnosis Imaging (plain film) to identify fractures, dislocations, soft tissue masses, MRI to identify structural defects of ulnar nerve, flexor tendons, blood vessels, and transverse carpal ligament; EMG and nerve conduction studies.

Management NSAIDs, steroid injections; physical therapy, massage therapy; surgery to open the ulnar canal

Synonyms Guyon tunnel syndrome, Guyon’s canal syndrom, Guyon’s tunnel syndrome, handlebar palsy


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