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greenstick fracture 


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plain film of greenstick fracture

A popular term for a stable, incomplete angulated fracture, which is more common in children. Greenstick fractures result in bone bowing with rupture of the periosteum on the convex side of the bone–i.e., the opposite bony cortex is intact, often without the fracture line traversing the bone.

Note: The small tender green branches of trees when bent, buckle but don’t break, leaving the internal wood intact. Greenstick fractures are more common in vitamin D-deficiency rickets

Permutations of greenstick fracture

• Transverse fracture of the cortex which extends to the midportion of the bone and is oriented along the bone’s longitudinal axis without disrupting the opposite cortex.

• Torus (buckling) fracture, caused by impaction.

• Bow fracture The bone is curved along its longitudinal axis.


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