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dismemberment image from New Medical Terms

dismembermentThe Martydom of Hippolyticus


Definition The forceful removal of one or more limbs from a body in the context of:

(1) Capital punishment in the form of drawing and quartering, seen in the accompanying image. 

Famously carried out against William Wallace in 1283, the practice was officially banned in 1870.

(2) Criminal acts–as may occur in suicide and homicide, the latter of which may have the added twist of cannibalism, and

(3) Trauma–as occurs in vehicular, occupational and other accidents, here known as traumatic amputation

google has gads of such ghoulish goulash. The image is that of The Martyrdom of St. Hippolytus by Dieric Bouts (circa 1420-1475)

Reference https://www.britannica.com/topic/drawing-and-quartering



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