male mother

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male mother

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male mother


A transgendered person defined at birth as a female, who has the relevant female equipment and underwent a female to male sex change operation, without removing the female bits. The person is thus defined as a male of sorts…but later decides, Oh, what the hell, let me confuse the crap out of everybody and have kids.

The first Edmund Hillary to climb this reproductive Mount Everest was Thomas Beatie from Oregon. He was born Tracy and did a stint as a beauty queen (presumably as a conventional female beauty queen and not as a male queen) in Hawaii before deciding that boys have more fun. He and wife Nancy who–like her husband…for different reasons–is inconceivable, have now birthed three pups. 

Synonym Pregnant man 

Reference 2010/02/10/pregnant-man-thomas-beati_n_ 457478.html

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