lotus birth

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lotus birth

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The “natural childbirth” practise of leaving the umbilical cord attached to the baby and placenta following birth, without clamping or cutting it, allowing it time to detach itself naturally (necrosis, acute funisitis, and stench of the rotting placenta be damned) from the baby. 

There are no peer-reviewed data to even vaguely suggest that this technique has any value. The handful of nut jobs who preach the pros of lotus birth assert that the mystical portent of the baby, cord and placenta remaining as a single unit until detachment occurs (up to a week after birth) has some value to the infant. Lotus birth is laughably bizarre. Some of the enlightened morons who assist in lotus births spinkle the placeta with salt and rose petals (as in the illustration) to address the nasty smell. Mainstream obstetricians don’t endorse the practise…

Synonyms Lotus method of natural birth, umbilical cord non-severance, umbilical non-severance

References http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_birth


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