limit of viability

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limit of viability


A term of art for the degree of fetal maturity which ensures a reasonable chance of extrauterine survival.

Factors affecting survival in extremely (<26 weeks) premature infants Gestational age, birth weight, gender, plurality, use of antenatal corticosteroid therapy.

Determining the limit of viability is desirable so that costly, painful and ineffective interventions can be avoided in infants with little chance of survival.

Limits of Viability

Weeks of Gestation                 22       23          24            25 

Average birthweight (g)          490     592        695         761

Per cent stillbirth                      25%   10%        0%          0%

Per cent 6-month survival      0%      15%        56%        80%

Days of hospital stay              NA      120±23  107±37   76±23

Survival w/o brain defects     0%      12%        21%        69%   

Synonym Threshold of viability


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