birthing hotel

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birthing hotel


A popular term for a hotel-like environment in the UK–e.g., one equipped with double beds, birthing pools, chalet-style balconies and plasma screen TVs and other hotel-like amenities–where a woman goes to legally deliver her baby.

Such establishments carry the blessings of the British medical authorities. One such centre was, at the time of the report in the London Evening Standard (2009), staffed by 11 midwives from Barts and the London NHS Trust and provided pre- and postnatal care for pregnant women who were seen as low risk.



An illegal establishment where a pregnant illegal immigrant may go to give birth, so that her infant–by having been born in the United States–has the rights of a US citizen. 

Such establishments are regarded by authorities as unsafe, money-making—the infant’s parents are thought to pay thousands of USD to stay during and after birth—operations. The “hotels” are typically single-family houses in parts of a city–e.g., in Los Angeles–which are not zoned for hotels and, being illegal, are thought to have multiple health code violations

Synonyms Makeshift maternity ward, maternity tourism hotel 



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