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ward sister

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ward sister


Definition A ward sister (WS) is a registered nurse in the UK who is responsible for the nursing care provided to patients during a shift and on a particular ward. The Royal College of Nursing lists key components of the WS role:

(1) Clinical nursing expert

(2) Manager and leader of the ward team and ward environment

(3) Educator (of nursing and nurses, other healthcare professionals, patients and carers).

Comment WS is the time-honoured, and still more commonly used term. It suffers from sexism–what does one call a man in the role–ward brother?–and an almost Victorian Gefühl that confuses those unfamiliar with British tradition that began when Florence Nightingale first lit the nursing torch in the 19th century. Charge nurse is increasingly preferred because it is non-sexist and cuts through the cobwebs with terminology more familiar to modern users. 

Synonyms Charge nurse, ward manager

References www.rcn.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/230995/003312.pdf

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