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REM behaviour disorder  


An uncommon–1:200 individuals, male:female, 9:1–sleep disorder occurring during REM sleep, a period normally associated with skeletal muscle inhibition. When this inhibition is impaired–e.g., by pharmacologic agents such as antidepressants or by damage to pontomedullary brainstem structures, affected individuals may act out their dreams–e.g., kicking, screaming, punching, or grabbing their bed partner, and jumping out of bed.

From 40% to 65% of persons with REM behaviour disorder eventually develop a neurodegenerative disease, such as Parkinson disease or Lewy body dementia. Because RBD can cause injury or destruction of property, it warrants prevention–e.g., with a customised bed alarm or treatment–e.g., with clonazepam, melatonin, pramipexole.

It also occurs in dogs…go figure. 

Synonyms Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder, Rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder, REM sleep behavior disorder 


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