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pterygopalatine neuralgia  

pterygopalatine nervesNEUROLOGY

A type of cephalic neuralgia caused by irritation of branches of the pterygopalatine nerves due to pressure or infection

Clinical findings Homolateral, deep pain or sensation of pressure localised paranasally or periorbitally, radiating towards the forehead of back of the skull

Aetiology Septal deformity, usually a spur , less commonly, a neoplasm, foreign body or infection, which extends into the posterior part of the inferior turbinate

Diagnosis Immediate relief of symptoms with anaesthesia of the pterygopalatine ganglion–e.g., with cocaine

Management Septal surgery–e.g., removal of inferior turbinate 

Synonyms Sluder syndrome, Sluder’s neuralgia, vidian neuralgia 

Reference Functional Reconstructive Nasal Surgery, EH Huizing, JAM de Groot, Thieme, 2003 

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