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flashbulb memory

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flashbulb memory NYC 9-11-2001


Definition A controversial* type of current memory described as a highly detailed, exceptionally vivid “snapshot” of the moment and circumstances in which a piece of highly surprising and significant–or emotionally arousing–news was heard or seen. Flashbulb memories (FMs) are autobiographical in that they typically have personal significance, consequentiality, emotion, and a high level of consternation.

*Some workers believe that FM becomes corrupted and changes over time.

Features of FM Place, ongoing activity, informant, self affect, affect of others, aftermath.

Flashbulb memory moments JFK assassination, Assassination of John Lennon, Challenger Space Shuttle disaster, 9-11/World Trade Center collapse, Princess Diana’s death, 

Synonym Significant event memory 

Reference Brown R., et al, Cognition 1977; 5 (1): 73–99.


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