loin pain-haematuria syndrome

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loin pain-haematuria syndrome


Definition An über rare (± 200 cases in the world literature) benign condition characterised by recurring episodes of uni- or bilateral loin pain accompanied by haematuria of unknown origin

Demographics It is more common in women and may be related to hormonal factors–e.g., oral contraceptive (()C) use, or due to defects in renal vasculature 

Clinical findings Episodic gross haematuria, pelvic pain, mild hypertension that resolves with D/C of OCs

Differential diagnosis Chronic pelvic pain syndrome, IgA nephropathy, kidney stones, nutcracker syndrome.


• Conservative Analgesics

• Surgical Denervation or autotransplantation

Pathogenesis Uncertain; it may be due to a thinned glomerular basement membrane or related to alternate pathway complement activation. 

References APLM 1994; 118:1016oa


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