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self limiting condition


Definition An illness or condition which will either resolve on its own or which has no long term adverse effect on a person’s health.

Note on terminology: Once again, that ugly …two countries separated by a common language thing rears its ugly head.  While writers on both side of the pond agree that they’d rather not have a self-limiting ailment, disorder, or syndrome–terms which garnered relatively few google hits, when the keywords, 2009 and either UK or US were added to the search, the Yanks preferred having a disease (as in self-limiting disease)–93K hits to a self-limiting illness–21K hits or a self-limiting condition–17K hits. The Brits didn’t want a self-limiting disease–30K hits, but instead preferred having a self-limiting illness–51K hits, but liked having a self-limiting condition even more–70K hits

Synonyms Self-limited ailment, self-limited condition, self-limited disorder, self-limited disease, self-limited syndrome 


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