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medical slang 


Medical slang (MS) is a generic term for the argot (abbreviations, acronyms, and jargon) used by health professionals–doctors, nurses, paramedics, hospital and medical staff, to describe patients and co-workers, medical practice environment, surgical procedures and so on.

While the MS used in Casualty, Holby City, ER, House M.D., NCIS, Scrubs and Green Wing and other mass media portrayals of medicine is often derogatory, medical slang should be regarded as a valid vocabulary, given that the linguistic basis for “medspeak” is evolving away from the classic Greek and Latin roots and towards simpler–typically, plain English–terms which are less confusing to patients who sign informed consents.

MS comes in two flavours: the above-noted politically incorrect or un-PC terms–e.g., donormobile, FLK, Q sign, etc., and the colloquial but accepted terms–e.g., CABG–pronounced cabbage, cobblestoning, pink puffer, etc. 


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