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synchronous cancer 


The simultaneous presence of two or more distinct malignancies. There is no consensus as to what constitutes synchronous cancer; three definitions have been proposed:

(1) Two or more histologically distinct, simultaneously detected cancers 

(2) Two or more histologically distinct malignancies, diagnosed during the same hospital admission 

(3) Two or more histologically distinct malignancies arising in the same site, following each other in sequence by less than 2 months 

Synonym Simultaneously detected tumours 

References Coli et al (Tumori, 2002) have proposed criteria for standardising this term in Tumori, 88: 433-434, 2002 

Obstet & Gyn: 2009; 113:783-789 doi: 10.1097/AOG.0b013e31819c7bdf

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