double hit B cell lymphoma

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double hit B cell lymphoma

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double hit B cell lymphoma


A rare and new category of lymphoma that debuted in the 2008 WHO lymphoma classification. These neoplasms are B cell lymphomas with 2 oncogenic translocations and have morphologic and immunologic features between conventional diffuse large B-cell lymphoma–DLBCL and Burkitt’s lymphoma–BL. They are highly aggressive neoplasms for which remission is short-lived at best, despite aggressive chemotherapy. 

Molecular pathology These lymphomas have 2 chromosomal rearrangements

• MYC 

Effect MYC rearrangement increases cell proliferation. While MYC-positive cells can be killed (because they proliferate), they become resistant to chemotherapy, and

• BCL2 (or, less commonly, BCL6) rearrangements

Effect BCL2 protein expression renders cells antiapoptotic and more difficult to kill 

Synonyms B cell lymphoma unclassifiable with features intermediate between DLBCL and BL–Burkitt lymphoma, dual hit B cell lymphoma

References Journal of Hematopathology (27 May 2012), pp. 1-5


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